Wholesale with Hemp Rolls

People love the benefits of CBD and hemp based products. With so many new studies showing the promising results of how cannabinoids contribute to our overall wellness and health, it's no wonder why CBD has become a billion dollar industry.

Your retail business has an incredible opportunity to increase traffic and generate additional profits, while providing premium Hemp Rolls to a diverse group of consumers searching for these products.

Become a wholesaler for CBD rich hemp cigarettes.

The tobacco industry is still strong with sales reaching $849 billion, with over 5,300 billion cigarettes consumed per year by over 19% of the world's population. Despite this continued growth, many consumers are searching for healthier alternatives in every area of their lives. This is where Hemp Rolls makes a difference!

Hemp cigarettes are a better choice to traditional tobacco products.

Our Hemp Rolls are made in the USA from the finest CBD rich flower, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Each pre-roll is filled with cannabinoids that are good for the body and they reduce the negative effects experienced with tobacco.

When you wholesale with Hemp Rolls you are offering your customers the best smoking experience possible. Plus you will increase your revenues and generate more foot traffic or online sales to your store.

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