About Us

Hemp Rolls® was created in 2019 to provide smoking enthusiasts with a better alternative to tobacco products. Unlike other hemp cigarettes on the market packed with low-quality materials, our premium hemp cigarettes offer the ultimate smoking experience because all of our pre-rolls are made from CBD rich artisanal flower.

Hemp Rolls® produces our hemp cigarettes and pre-rolls in the USA. We partner with organic hemp farms to ensure you get the best sun grown hemp free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our products are thoroughly tested so you know what's in them and more importantly- what's not.

Hemp Rolls® is raising the standard for smokable CBD and hemp. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Shop our online store and experience the difference you deserve.

Grown in the USA

3rd Party Tested

Additive Free

Nicotine Free

Passion Meets Purpose

Hemp Rolls was born from a passion for growing CBD rich hemp the right way, while helping people live their best lives possible.


Our company was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the best possible hemp based products for their wellness needs. We work with local, artisanal growers to ensure all Hemp Rolls products are made of the highest quality CBD flower and always pesticide-free. Our promise is that you'll enjoy our premium smokable hemp with every draw.

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Hemp Rolls strives to create the best experience for smoking enthusiasts. Check out what others have to say about our premium hemp cigarettes and pre-rolls.

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